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Glass Charger Plates

We provide qualified home and kitchen glassware, such as charger plates, stemware, tumblers, decanters, pitchers, plates, glass jar, vases, candle holders, hurricanes, hour glasses and other glassware.

We always offer valuable products and services to our customers.

We have our product showroom in Toronto office and we ship to North America from both warehouse in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California.


As a manufacturer, we provide FOB Toronto and FOB China Price (MOQ. 504pc and above) service to bulk buyers.

For inquiries, please forward an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



(SKU: 40239-34-clear)

Glass charger plate with clear beads

40239-eletroplate gold

(SKU: 40239-34-Gold)

Glass Charger plate with gold beads

40239-eletroplate silver

(SKU: 40239-34-silver)

Glass charger plate with silver beads

dsc 0618  

(SKU: 40274-33-Black)

Beaded black glass charger plate

on sale !

gold charger plate

(SKU: 40272-33-Gold)

Glass charger plate with gold wave

sold out :(

silver charger plate

(SKU: 40272-33-Silver) 

Glass charger plate with silver wave

sold out :(


(SKU: 40205-33-gold)

Glass charger plate with gold radiance

sold out :(


(SKU: 40205-33-silver)

Glass charger plate with silver rediance

sold out :(


(SKU: 40040-33-gold)

Glass charger plate with gold woven

sold out :(


(SKU: 40040-33-silver)

Glass charger plate with silver woven

sold out :(




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